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PCB Drills Top Maker

UNION TOOL has focused on manufacturing industrial cutting tools. We are the top maker of PCB drills that are used for drilling Printed Circuit Board.

Challenge for the Ultra-Precision Technology

In recent years, small diameter PCB drills have a greater range of functions.
Presently, the smallest diameter that we offer in mass-productive drills is 0.05millimeters, which is less than a human hair in diameter.
We are also well advanced in achieving a diameter 0.01 millimeters.

In-House Production and High Quality Inspection

The production lines and process development engineers at our main factory in Nagaoka consistently collaborate and exchange information, which enables the manufacture of in-house production machines. Also, the use of our in-house manufactured automated inspection machines makes high quality inspection possible. They allow us to inspect quality down to a sub-micron level.

Activities for Environment, Academics and Art

As a part of our contribution to society, the personnel of UNION TOOL are involved in activities such as environmental protection, support for academic and patronage of the arts and culture.
Company Name UNION TOOL CO.
Establishment December, 1960
Capital 2,998 million of Yen as of December 31, 2016
Number of Employees 1,422 as of December 31, 2016 (Consolidated Basis)
Business Line Cutting tool: PCB Drills, End Mills
Others: Rolling Dies, LM Bearings, Measurement system
Directors CEO:Takao Katayama
President & COO: Hiroshi Odaira
Senior Managing Director: Hideo Wakui
Outside Directors: Hiroki Yamamoto, Shozo Wakabayashi
Audit & Supervisory Board Members: Yasuo Shimoyama,Tomijiro Shima,
Junichi Sato, Ryosuke Taga
Senior Managing Executive Officer: Katsuhiko Shimaya
Managing Executive Officers: Suego Kobayashi, Akira Sato, Iwao Kawakami
Executive Officers: Hideo Hirano, Kazuo Hoshino, Keiko Ogawa, Takayuki Sakuma, Yuichi Nakajima, Shoichi Takahashi
Head Office 6-17-1 Minami-ohi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0013, JAPAN


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